Whether it’s a fully customised project you’ve designed yourself or partially store-bought, we’re fully on board with giving customers a way to express their talents with their craft and/or performance as their favourite characters!
However we do need to take into account the comfort and safety of all who attend our events and as a result we ask that all attendees adhere to the following guidelines
Cosplay at Showmasters want everyone to have a great time at our family friendly events and consequently these guidelines on behaviour for ALL attendees are very important to us. Any violation of the following policies will result in you being asked to leave the event:
  •     Consideration towards fellow attendees
  •     We know that attendees love to have photos taken with cosplayers and we love to see photos taken at our events but please be considerate about the locations      you pose for/take photographs in
  •   Avoid the central aisles where traders have their tables
  •   Never take or pose for photos on the stairs
  •   Avoid doorways and areas where people need to pass through or queue
  •   ALWAYS ask before taking a photograph of a Cosplayer
  •   Act responsibly with your cosplay props
  •   If you are found to be acting inappropriately with a prop (if it belongs to you or not) you will be asked to leave the event
  • If your cosplay is deemed to be offensive to the casual observer it will not be allowed inside the event
  • Consider the “social media” test – if you were photographed and the image went viral, would the general public be offended by your outfit. If the answer is yes then do not bring your costume to the event
  • This also applies to offensive behaviour once inside the event. This includes but is not limited to:
  • Touching other attendees (and their costumes) without consent
  • Aggressive behaviour towards other attendees
  • Aggressive behaviour towards crew
  • Inappropriate gestures and poses
  • Inappropriate comments
  • Excessive swearing
  • Any violence towards any attendee or crew member will result in immediate removal from the event
  • This also includes simulated violence / staged fights both with and without props
  • You may be permitted to perform a fully choreographed scene as part of a cosplay masquerade performance but this must be pre-approved by the Cosplay Coordinators and will be dependent on suitable staging
  • We have a zero tolerance for nudity
  • Costumes must be no smaller than standard swimwear
  • If your cosplay is revealing ensure vital parts are covered at all times and consider the use of tape to keep your costume secure
  • Costumes which give the illusion of nudity are also not permitted
Weapons and Props
We know that your props are an integral part of your cosplay but we ask that you refer to the rules below before bringing your prop or weapon to an event.

All props will be checked at the door before you enter the venue and any items that do not adhere to the rules above will not be allowed into the event. Staff cannot store any banned props. If the venue has a cloakroom you may be given the option to store your prop for the duration of the convention at your own cost, but please be aware that not all venues have cloakrooms so you should not rely on this option
When traveling to and from the venue or simply relaxing outside be mindful that not everyone knows about cosplay. Realistic props could cause worry or concern for the safety of the public. Please keep ALL props covered and stowed away at these times, this is also for your own benefit as it could stop unnecessary interaction with police
Costume Size and Construction
  • We welcome and encourage any costume that falls within the rules outlined above, but ask you to be aware of the following:
  • You must be able to get through a standard size door unaided
  • For any costumes over 6ft 5in or wider than 6ft you must be accompanied by an experienced spotter at all times
  • We have no restrictions on tails or trains, but ask you to be aware in busy areas to avoid becoming a trip or slip hazard
  • No hard and sharp pointy bits
If you do have any questions or have a query not covered in these guidelines feel free to email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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